I am trying to make sendbtc transaction using bitcoin rpc call but getting failed message "Insufficient Funds" from bitcoin core.

In addition, once I am trying to make transaction for small amount like below .5 BTC, that transaction successfully done. But for higher value, bitcoin is sending a message "Insufficient funds".

Please suggest me what can I do to make higher value transaction.


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we are using the following command sendfrom "emdad" "19aVGaNfWdZYMgCpMx7tKDXrxeddysddd"

The account system is deprecated because it has behavior which most people find unexpected, leading to a lot of confusion. Despite the fact that getbalance "emdad" returns 10.44 BTC, you do not actually have that much BTC in the wallet, you only have the 0.2692 BTC which getbalance and/or getwalletinfo showed. That is why you cannot spend more than 0.27 BTC, because you do not have that much.

Note, transactions need to pay a fee too, so you can't send the entire wallet balance as a transaction output, you would only be able to send slightly less than the amount given.


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