when I pull volume data (BaseVolume?) from the Bittrex (for example) API every minute, draw a chart from that data and then compare that with the one minute timeframed volume chart (the study chart) on Bittrex it looks totally different.

I used BaseVolume, but i also tried to draw graphs with any other field that gets returned and I can't seem to replace these charts at all with any value. Does anyone have any idea?


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It's not clear which API call that you are using so I'll give my two ideas on what the problem might be:

  1. If you are using the "getmarketsummary" API call and calling that every minute then you will get wrong data because this is based on 24-hours. In my opinion, this is a useless feature.
  2. If you are getting the market trades and then calculating the OHLCV value in 1-minute periods, and those values don't match up with the Bittrex candle charts then you are probably seeing the 2 to 4 minute delay that Bittrex has. I use a service (ClueDex) that removes that delay and I can literally get 1-minute OHLCV candle data as soon as the minute closes.

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