If I want to get the private and public keys of all transactions that have happened on my multisig wallet. How would I do that?

It's a 2-of-2 multisig setup. I have an xPrivkey on my computer and an xPrivkey on my phone. How do I combine these keys to generate the list of private keys and the corresponding list of public keys.

The purpose would be to redeem my BCH.

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Trying to generate all possible combinations would probably go on forever. I would suggest you figure out what the derivation path used on you BCH wallet was (will probably be /m/44'/145'/0') and then loop through different combinations to generate different multisig addresses.

How come you only have the xPrivkeys and not the mnemonic words?

If you had the mnemonic words I would suggest recreating the wallet on the same wallet app by importing your seeds and the wallet should scan addresses associated with those keys.

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