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Since bitcoin is a decentralized system, who's decided that segwit2x isn't going to be deployed?


Key proponents of the New York Agreement have rescinded their support after large parts of the community opposed their initiative for months. Theoretically, a miner could still activate the fork unilaterally, but the expected value of the Segwit2x network dropped significantly with the exit of said key proponents.


Though its major proponents have called it off, there's a miner with an unknown (likely less than 10%) amount of hash power vowing to continue: https://cointelegraph.com/news/segwit-death-challenge-bitpico-vows-to-fork-as-bitcoincom-goes-100-bitcoin-cash

You can monitor miners who are signaling for Segwit2x by looking at the coinbase of blocks here: https://coin.dance/blocks#blockDetails

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