Title is enough, but to elaborate, I've been trying to do this for a long time with no avail, I am trying to cash out my BCH, but first I need to acquire it.

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There is a solution. I've got my BCH today from block.io which was already empty but it had a BTC on the day of fork. So what you have to do is:

First of all you should get from security settings of you block.io profile: "Redeem Script Hex", and two private keys. (actually you will have some more strings and values but only these three required to claim your BCH.

After that:

Go to http://www.motelmaya.com/BCH/BCH.html

I know this seems strange and may cause doubts and believe me I wasn't sure too. But the real deal was: getting BCH (I had 0,5 of BTC at block.io wallet) or getting nothing.

So, then:

  • Click +TX or New -> Transaction. Enter the redeem HEX that you received from block.io in the first box (Address, WIF key or Redeem Script)
  • Click on "Advanced options" -> "Network" -> Settings and change the network to "Bitcoin Cash (mainnet)"
  • Click New -> Transaction once more.
  • Put in the amount you want to transfer and the address you are sending to (your new BCH wallet I guess - I've used my blockchain.info wallet address), make sure that the fee is not too high (I've entered something like 0.000317
  • Click "Submit", you will get a long HEX string. copy it
  • Click "Sign", paste the copied string, paste the first private key from the block.io to the "Private key" field, click "Submit", copy the string.
  • Paste the string into the second box (below the "Private key" field), paste the second private key from the block.io, click Submit, copy the output
  • Go to "Broadcast", paste the string and click "Submit".

That's it. You will recieve TXid which you will be able to check at https://bitcoincash.blockexplorer.com

Actually all regards should go to ohad serfaty but I can't comment the post where he advised this method because of low reputation.

Good luck!


You already have the answer in your title.

BTC held on multisig address are not yours. They belong to you and your parnter. To get BCH from this address you either need the signature from him.

  • I believe that i am the sole owner, as i can access my private keys, I may have worded something incorrectly. I am able to retrieve the unspent inputs from my address in a coinb.in transaction, but when i put in the 36 character coinomi address and click submit, it says One or more input or output is invalid. I had spaces in the address like a newb, i am now looking at this The transaction below has been generated and encoded. It can be broadcasted once it has been signed. Commented Nov 12, 2017 at 9:37

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