Is there any list of litecoin constants available? Something like Bitcoin list of address prefixes

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Here is what I've gathered so far regarding the different version bytes for each type of Litecoin public address:


  • p2pkh L-address (LM2WMpR1Rp6j3Sa59cMXMs1SPzj9eXpGc1): 0x30
  • p2sh deprecated 3-address (3MSvaVbVFFLML86rt5eqgA9SvW23upaXdY): 0x05 (same as bitcoin's mainnet p2sh)
  • p2sh new M-address (MTf4tP1TCNBn8dNkyxeBVoPrFCcVzxJvvh): 0x32
  • native segwit bech32 address (ltc1q8c6fshw2dlwun7ekn9qwf37cu2rn755u9ym7p0): prefix ltc, version 1


  • p2pkh m- or n-address (mipcBbFg9gMiCh81Kj8tqqdgoZub1ZJRfn): 0x6f (same as bitcoin's testnet p2pkh)
  • p2sh deprecated 2-address (2N2PJEucf6QY2kNFuJ4chQEBoyZWszRQE16): 0xc4
  • p2sh new Q-address (QVk4MvUu7Wb7tZ1wvAeiUvdF7wxhvpyLLK): 0x3a
  • native segwit bech32 address (tltc1qyw3c0rvn6kk2c688y3dygvckn57525y8emy4p5): prefix tltc, version 1

This is the Litecoin project's converter between old and new p2sh address format. And this is an online base58check decoder to check the version byte.


L - Legacy, Non-P2SH (Pay to script hash) address prefix

3 - P2SH prefix that's backwards compatible to the M prefix. When I say backwards compatible, I mean that there is a 3 address and an M address that point to the same address (Reference: https://blog.trezor.io/litecoins-new-p2sh-segwit-addresses-843633e3e707)

M - Current P2SH address prefix

Litecoin WIF Prefixes: 6 (0x36) and 7 (0x37)

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    do you also know the prefixes for WIF and the hex values?
    – blues
    Commented Nov 16, 2017 at 9:48
  • Sure - I just added the WIF prefixes (including hex) to my above answer Commented Nov 16, 2017 at 10:17
  • 1
    As of Litecoin Core version v0.21.2rc6 bech32 WIFs (including hdseed) have prefix B0 (decimal 176) Commented Apr 16, 2022 at 17:21

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