If I get a public key of two integers, x and y values what code is necessary to convert them into their hex versions without any additional letters, or numbers? This is half a Python programming question and half a bitcoin question though I think it is better asked here due to the familiarity with bitcoin requirements.

Pseudo code:

xpublickey = 20091690549896866803343277351761137627937393619088856147056855893222768847187

ypublickey = 69823032225116710867248379519530157435196049639426167980995931003755153241086

hexpublickey = "04" + hex(xpublickey) + hex(ypublickey)

I don't know what code is necessary to turn it into (as the above code does not work):


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y = hex(xPublicKey).rstrip("L").lstrip("0x")

z = hex(yPublicKey).rstrip("L").lstrip("0x")

hexpublickey = "04" + y + z

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