I'm looking at someone's Bcoin wallet, trying to understand why it shows the wrong balance. When I view the wallet transaction history using cli wallet history I see in the list a transaction that seems out of place. Unlike every other transaction in the wallet, neither the input address nor either of the output addresses are BIP44 addresses for this wallet. The transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

  1. Is this a bug? If not, why is there a transaction associated with the wallet that does not have any wallet addresses?
  2. Does this transaction affect the wallet balance reported by the Bcoin software?
  3. Is there some way for me to find out if the wallet has keys for any of the addresses associated with the transaction?
  4. How do I safely remove this transaction from the wallet?
  • Maybe it was from an imported address/account? If it's an unconfirmed tx bcoin has a zap, and it does what it says. – tuxcanfly Dec 4 '17 at 11:21

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