I'd like to broadcast a signed BTG transaction - In Bitcoin it's very easy to do with tools like coinb.in. Is there a public RPC/API endpoint similar to the following examples where you can broadcast a signed transaction:

  • coinb.in
  • chain.so
  • block.io

Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin. You can just start up a Bitcoin Gold node and broadcast transactions using sendrawtransaction.

Another option is to use an insight-api.

https://btgexplorer.com/ is a fork of the famous insight block explorer. You can use their API to broadcast your raw transaction using these docs:

Send a POST request to https://btgexplorer.com/api/tx/send with rawtx as a parameter.

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  • Thats's great, Answers my questions, thanks a lot. – ohad serfaty Nov 28 '17 at 14:36

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