Hacking and being hacked is not cool

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I'm looking for a decent solution to redeem BTG.

Ideally self-hosted and open source.

I have 12 words seed phrase, BIP39, deterministic derivation path, etc...

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They suggest using offline version of https://www.bitaddress.org/ to extrac the private key and then https://medium.com/@coinomi/collecting-your-free-bitcoin-gold-btg-coins-da937d4255d1

Relevant / irrelevant detail: after the snapshot took place, I've sent some BTC to another address. I believe I should still own the corresponding amount of BTG.

For security reasons I'll first transfer my current BTC to a new SegWit address I'm holding, and only then start experimenting with BTG.

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Your recommendation with regards to BTG is greatly appreciated.

Research: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=btg.org.freewallet.app enter image description here

(surely it's not only me who has ponders this question)

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Ideally self-hosted and open source.

State of the blockchain, crypto, whole ecosystem - early days - no ideal solutions - skilled developers are in extremely high demand and (to be honest) I didn't expect to find such tool.

With that said - first I moved actual BTC to another address.

Then - using the seed I was able to follow instructions here: https://coinsutra.com/claim-bitcoin-gold-btg/ (very good write up, THANKS)

In essence:

  • install Coinomi app (currently Android only)
  • restore wallet
  • put your phrase (don't tick BIP39)
  • add BTC (optionally, I first added BTC so that I could easily verify that balance is recognised)
  • add BTG - advanced - M/44H/0H/0H (important, defaults are not smart)
  • profit

I happened to keep BTC at blockchain.info (not anymore) so I had access to the 12 words seed - that was easy. There is a number of questions about claiming BTG from other type of the wallets - my first thought are leading towards bounty-smart-contract-fication - put some money in the pot and hire developers - so that whales can get their 5% dividend without risking much.

In my case - I enjoy playing, educating, experimenting. It was time well spent - I believe so.

  • Coinomi (Warning: Not open source)

  • Freewallet (Warning: You don't control your private keys!)

  • Guarda

  • BitPie (iOS, Android) (Warning: Not open source)

Redeem? Coinomi!


MCCCS, I may add electrum gold, which is an electrum for BTG instead of btc,

You can find it here at https://electrumgold.org/

Of course you need to prove you are the owner of the wallet either by seed or by private keys

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    This site looks very much like a scam; the "Explore Source Code" text is not a link, or even plain text; it's an image! Dec 2, 2017 at 17:41

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