Is it possible to have a "unlucky" transaction that can never be part of block? Meaning grouping it with other transactions never results in a valid block?

[Edit] By not being in valid block, I meant no valid nonce is found with given target difficulty. It seems mathematically, this is possible and what happens to transaction (if there is no expirey) in this case?

  • The number of possible blocks including that transaction is a number with tens of thousands of digits. You're imagining there would be no possible nonce for any of them? – David Schwartz Nov 26 '17 at 10:58

No, if the transaction is valid then it can always be included in a block if a valid nonce/extra nonce is found.


No. By the definition, any valid transaction can be placed in block. If something in block invalidates it - this is only an array of random bytes, not a valid bitcoin transaction.


If you mean that the transaction may be pending for hours, or even days, yes: it can happen and it's part of Bitcoin Core protocol.

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