The title sums it up pretty well, I made a transaction with bitcoin core wallet after the fork, but I hadn't claimed those bitcoin cash, can I claim them, or have I lost them?


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Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin; things that you do on Bitcoin Cash will not effect your Bitcoin and vice versa.

With Bitcoin Core, you can install it's Bitcoin Cash analogue, Bitcoin ABC. From there you import your Bitcoin Core wallet into Bitcoin ABC by copying it to the Bitcoin ABC datadir. Then you can spend your Bitcoin Cash normally.


You can claim them.

How to do this? I used a btc.com tool and 12 words seed phrase. With bitcoin core wallet procedure will be different, I saw some people recommending electron cash.

  • Great! Glad to see someone else has been able to claim them, thanks for your answer. Does anyone else know exactly what I should do or knows somewhere where it is explained step by step?
    – Oscar
    Commented Nov 26, 2017 at 21:47

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