I'd like to do some of the example in "Mastering Bitcoin, Programming the Open Blockchain" using bitoind on my Ubuntu system. Is there a program (possibly bitcoind itself) that allows me to do this w/o setting up a full not which I can currently not do for Hardware reasons?

I would mainly like to be able to explore transaction with comments such as bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction for instance.

Many thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • I guess you could try and use an Api? Commented Nov 29, 2017 at 16:53
  • Can you give an example?
    – clog14
    Commented Nov 29, 2017 at 16:53
  • See my answer below. Commented Nov 29, 2017 at 16:54

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I guess you could use some API that provides the same functionality.

See https://chainquery.com/bitcoin-api/decoderawtransaction

bitcoin-cli decoderawtransaction

And much more calls/commands are listed there.

Does this fit your needs?


You could also run bitcoind in regtest mode, which would allow you to experiment with the RPC and everything without having to download the main blockchain (regtest will create its own private blockchain for you to use, which you can mine on using the generate RPC command).

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