I had around 20 BTC on my blockchain.info when bitcoin-cash forked and so after the fork I exported my seed and pasted it into electro-cash in order to receive my BCH (done it before and it worked) but when i synced it I was greeted by zero balance with a ton of transactions from 2016/09 to 2017/07 so there is no history after the fork nor the BCH

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  • Can you provide some more detail, such as a receiving address that you expected to hold coins at the time of the fork? – Highly Irregular Dec 6 '17 at 7:52

I think the issue is electron cash which uses a different seed format to other wallets. First, to be safe, move your BTC from it's current wallet to a new wallet,

Then put that seed you tried to put in to Electron Cash in to a different wallet like 'Bitcoin.com wallet


If you're indeed using electron-cash you should not have a transaction history. Are you sure you're not using electrum ?

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