This is my situation:

I have a Bitcoin-QT wallet on my Mac (Qt version 4.7.4.- yes I know its very old). only recently I've been working out how to operate and exchange bitcoins. well to cut a long story short i went to bitbargain.co.uk and bought an mbtc, managed to completed the transaction with relative ease and saw the bitcoin in my Bitbargain.co.uk account.

I then decided to transfer this purchase to my wallet on my Mac and did so but entering a received address on the bitbargain account page. I waited and waited and have not seen the bitcoin come through on my Bitcoin-qt wallet.

It looks like there is a lot of syncing to do! only 45.65% complete, needs to catch up around 1720 days, this I estimate will be around 2 months if not more? that is if it actually completes?

My question is this, is there a way to move this purchase to another wallet I have, without having to let this wallet sync 100%? as the time frame required is very uncertain?

Can i transfer a bitcoin from bitcoin-qt to another wallet even though it is not showing up in my wallet becuase it is 1720 days out of sync?

Thanks for the help with this guys!

Best FT

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