Can anyone tell me how I would check the public address on my old Casascius Bitcoins? I have 3 total cons but I am unable to find where or how to check the public addresses on the coins for they only have 8 characters. I have listed all 3 of the pubic addresses below if anyone can help. Thank you in advance.

1) 134xRg9x 2) 1359wf1p 3) 1348FHtv

Thank YOU!

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Here is the full list of casascius coins.

According to that your addresses are:

  1. 134xRg9xsjvmyGxA2ndDbfEw3keqizwzWG
  2. 1359wf1p4wvw7SLa8Fktsg6eJMkbUaXp5y
  3. 1348FHtvGk6Cwv9PkFw52BKSQnm1Ujf9zb

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