I did a small transaction as a test. I wanted to convert BTS (BitShares) to LTC (LiteCoin). Couldn't find any direct exchange, so traded a token amount to BTC on Crypto-Bridge, then tried a withdrawal to Coinbase.

This is the transaction: https://cryptofresh.com/u/neal-walters-bridge

This is the screenshot of what i entered: enter image description here

Even though I entered my CoinBase receive address, the above shows I sent to CryptoBridge. Is just a matter of waiting for it to convert and send, or did I do something wrong. Obviously I want to verify before doing a larger amount.

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The BTC arrived within an hour or so. A little scary, but it worked. The above link never shows that Crypto-bridge send the funds, so I guess they convert it and generate a new transaction.

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    Just adding this comment for future readers: It takes some time for CryptoBridge to execute orders: (which can be tracked by checking for burn assets here: wallet.crypto-bridge.org/account/cryptobridge/dashboard). Then the actual transfer also takes time. BTC takes around an hour to confirm, others like LTC, ETH take minutes. Jan 13, 2018 at 20:57

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