I have seen this question pop over a few times but I did not find an answer I could understand. This is the scenario:

  1. I created a BCH wallet, mistakenly thinking it was a BTC one.
  2. I bought BTC and sent to the BCH address
  3. Realizing the mistake, I created a BTC wallet using the BCH passphrase.

Is what I did correct? Am I likely to see my bitcoins? Should I do anything else? How can I check where the purchased coins are?

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Your method is correct: you'll need to use the mnemonic seed phrase that generates the bch wallet, to generate a btc wallet. If you do that, you should see your btc balance.

To see if your btc are at the address you sent them to, just use a block explorer website such as blockchain.info. When you use the mnemonic to generate a btc wallet, it should show you the sae addresses as the bch wallet (as long as the software uses the same derivation scheme. Most software does).


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