I have a business where I have to pay customers on other countries , I want to have the ability to transfer my funds to a bank in another country with out having to pay the high bank fees for transferring funds

  • If I buy bit coin say in Australia , can I transfer from my bit coin to a bank account I own in Indonesia Dec 14 '17 at 7:04

Absolutely! Bitcoin can be transferred peer to peer, to anyone over the net.

Now, you should note that:

  • Bitcoin is very volatile.
  • Bitcoin is very congested and slow these days, using litecoin or ethereum may be a better pick at the moment.

Also too, you will need to make sure your oversea customers will accept bitcoin payments. Some countries do not have a online exchange available to cash in bitcoins, so it is very important to tell your customers if bitcoin payments are ok.

tl;dr - yes, you can send bitcoin payments to anyone, in any country as long as they accept it. Then, your customer can optionally choose to cash it at a online exchange available to him for fiat cash.


CASHAA (CAS) is designed to be the medium of payment for the millions of 'unbanked' in Asia & Africa . you can pay in tokens and the recipient can withdraw in their local fiat currency or credit to their bank account if they have one

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