I recently placed an order with Kraken (or tried to anyway, the site was giving me lots of errors and timeouts) Seemingly a trade went through after several attempts.

However, my account balance now has an asterisk in it, for example

Lumen (XLM) *2,038.04006    $0.2002

And the ledger looks like this

12-14-17 22:59:26 -0500 Trade   Lumen (XLM) *1,040.76635    *2.72629    *2,038.04006

What does the asterisk indicate?

Update - I now check the order history, and Kraken claims the order is cancelled - however, the XLM coin are available for Transfer, and the Bitcoins I used to make the purchase are no longer available. I think Kraken either has something very strange in their user interface or the money was lost somehow?


Asterisk is the currency symbol for XLM, like $ or ฿.

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