Is there a way I can identify the recipient of a Bitcoin based on the transaction information? I have transferred Bitcoins a few years ago somewhere (possibly to Evolution marketplace, which was a scam) but I don't remember for sure where it went.

  • The transfer was made from Coinbase, in case this helps -- I can't find the information there though. – Grigory Yaroslavtsev Dec 18 '17 at 7:26

Since the blockchain doesn't store user's IPs or any useful person tracking information, it's hard to track down the recipient of a transaction.

But I read on few forums how Bitcoinstore owner tracked down a scammer to get the fraudulent refunded bitcoins back. You may come across a solution by studying this type of stories.

The details of the track down can be found Here

  • Thanks, I just added as a comment that the transfer was made from Coinbase. – Grigory Yaroslavtsev Dec 18 '17 at 7:26

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