I'm looking for an API that displays historical data for cryptocurrencies. I have a list of requirements, in rough order of importance:

  • Price in AUD (I don't care about other currencies)
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies (at least the major ones, but the more the better)
  • Returns historical data, not just current price (just the last week/month is fine)
  • Updated hourly or more

I've found a bunch of APIs and they all do two, maybe three of my requirements if I'm lucky, but never all.

I'm going to be graphing this data in Python/Django website, so I could either use a native Python API, make an HTTP request to get a JSON or CSV response, or display someone else's graph in an iframe like this API I found that shows a pricebox for BitCoin:

    <iframe src="https://cryptocoincharts.info/webmasters/priceBox/btc/aud" style="width: 300px; height: 200px;" frameborder="0" />

Does anybody know of an API that would suit my needs?

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For anyone stumbling upon this is the future, I ended up going with the Poloniex API. It has everything apart from prices in AUD. From there I convert USD to AUD for values as I need them.


Binance API combined with the Blockchain.info AUD to BTC conversion might be what you're after. Worth mentioning that you don't need to register for some silly API key (yet) e.g



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