I purchased $100 worth of bitcoin when it was first introduced. Maybe back in 07/08/09. I never done anything with it I have no idea even what computer system I was using at that time, or even what old email addresses I used. Is there any hope for recovery. Is there a way to use an IP address and using any keywords. It might have even been on an old AOL account. Any one have any thoughts other then I’m a loser. Thanks

  • It can't be 07 or 08. There is a possibility it was in 2009 , but do you remember where you purchased the Bitcoin? Most exchanges popped up after 2010. Honestly, I can't even name one place/exchange that sold bitcoin in 2009. – Chak Dec 18 '17 at 23:36

What wallet did you use at the time? Probably the standard wallet so you would have to look for a wallet.dat file.

So grab every old harddrive and computer you can find and use a custom search program like search everything (voidtools . com) to search for wallet.dat file.

If you found it: Make a backup copy first (or two or three..)

Then on a different computer, download bitcoin core and sync the blockchain. After sync has finished, replace the wallet.dat file bitcoin-core created automatically with the old one you've found. After that core will rescan the blockchain and after that you are good to go.

Good Luck!

(Since you might be a multi millionaire in case you find that coins I would appreciate a tip ^^ 1HcgC2jpqXZhkia7sxriE6S435qqR8zKqq)

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