I'm on the newest version of Litecoin, and I modified it for a little project, but now I'm stuck at "Connecting to peers" with 0 blocks known. The command "setgenerate" has been removed, and I cannot use cpuminer to mine either, as it gives a 500 internal server error. All answers I find are outdated.


The only way I could do this was by connecting to v0.8 (lite coin code base) that I had customized for my altcoin. You can do set generate on that version and then the blocks will sync

  • Could you describe in better detail? I'm currently doing that but they seem not to be syncing yet. Do I have to do it longer? – Stamos Prekas Jan 15 '18 at 6:22

First of all you need to run two peers (one of them will has server=1 in your altcoin.conf and the other peer will only have addnode=server_node_ip), once you see your connection in the peer tab you can start mining from the debug console typing generatetoaddress n_blocks address

Let me know if you could get it working or if you need any help


You actually don't need to be connected to any other node to mine your first block, or any block for that matter from within the core. Simply use youraltcoin-cli generate nblocks in a terminal with the core running, or use generate nblocks from within the built-in console in the core (in the debug window).

If you wish to use a mining pool or to solo mine your coin externally with mining software (such as cpuminer), you will need at least 2 nodes on the network that are in sync.

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