I have an Insight API Server running, it's fully synced and working. I would like to get a json to receive every tx within a block.

On https://github.com/bitpay/insight-api it says I have to use:

Transactions by Block

For example we take block #301453. This block has 725 transactions.


If I use the api to get the json file with this link:


... then it shows the first 10 transactions only (numbers 0 - 9). But there are 725 tx in this block.

It looks like the number 10 are those addresses are the first who are displayed. If i scroll further down, more transactions appear. But why does the json request only show 10 txs?

How can I get ALL transactions in this block - as the documentations mentions?

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You have two options.

Option 1:
The returned json includes a "pageTotal":'some number'.
You can create a for-loop to loop through all the pages with API calls.

Let assume there are two pages aka "pageTotal":2

To fetch the first page, append parameter [&pageNum=0] to the end
Example usage:


To fetch the second page, add param [&pageNum=1]
Example usage:


Option 2:
Modify transactions.js , 'var pageLength' on Line 253.
The default is 'var pageLength = 10;'
Unsure if there are consequences by doing this, but I assume it should be fine.

  • Thanks! I changed "var pageLength" to 50000. This should list 50.000 tx and should last a while. :) I think option two is the faster solution.
    – A.c
    Dec 21, 2017 at 23:42

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