I am looking for a blockchain platform where I have the following properties:

  • number of transactions are > 500 000 / day
  • data volume is high so that we cannot store all of the data on all nodes
  • replication factor should be tuneable for each transaction (3-10)
  • data is stored in each transaction (not only the hash of the data)
  • it can host many different blockchains (like database tables)
  • these blockchains can be replicated to different clusters (multiple datacenter support)
  • search is a first class citizen in this product (the content is indexed)
  • data replication can be tuned so that 3rd parties get only the transactions and the hash of data or full access (including the data)

Not sure if such a system exists today. I am aware of the following projects that might be able to deliver these properties with modifications:

I would appreciate if somebody would point me to the right direction.

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