I have set default paytxfee of 0.001 in bitcoin.conf file. I have updated paytxfee value via bitcoin-cli paytxfee 0.1 when I restarted bitcoin core value reset back to 0.001. is there is anyway i can set fee permanently.

  • set the fee while sending.
    – Adam
    Dec 26, 2017 at 14:28

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You can do one thing when running bitcoin-cli paytxfee 0.1 command, you can run command to update value of paytxfee inside bitcoind.conf file.

like this:

bitcoin-cli paytxfee NEW_AMOUNT && sed -i 's/paytxfee=OLD_AMOUNT/paytxfee=NEW_AMOUNT/g' ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf 

This will set fee for current session also when you restart bitcoin core price will not alter.


You can make it persistent by adding a line paytxfee=0.1 to your bitcoin.conf file.

You cannot make bitcoind persist the result of the paytxfee RPC.

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