I saw this message on Coinbase

Update: We anticipate enabling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) buys and sells in early January 2018. Sends and receives are online. If you held bitcoin on Coinbase on August 1, 2017, you should now see BCH in your Account.

Does that mean "since" August 1? 'cause I have had Bitcoin since October on Coinbase but I don't see any BCH on my account. However, I sent all my BTC to GDAX (Coinbase & GDAX should be the same).. But does that make the difference?

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No. It means "until August 1".

The history of the time until August 1 was copied. So the person who had your BTC at August 1, has the control of the BCH.


They state you should hold BTC on August 1 and you held BTC since October. Because August comes before October, you did not have any BTC in your wallet on August 1 and therefore do not see any BCH in your account.

  • Yes, now sounds like a stupid question haha. Made sense after I posted it but I wanted to be sure. Now, if Coinbase supports a hardfork, should you move your coins from GDAX to Coinbase? Or is GDAX the same.
    – TT001
    Commented Dec 27, 2017 at 9:46

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