I got locked out of my Ledger Nano S. When setting up the device I was given a 24 words seed passphrase, which I wrote down. The device asked me to verify 3 of the 24 words and my input was valid.

It now turned out that I made a mistake when writing the seed passphrase down since the checksum doesn't validate and I can't recover my wallets. All words that I wrote down are words that are in the BIP32 spec words list.

What strategy would you use (involving coding or not coding) to try and fix the seed passphrase?

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You most likely mistyped one or several words.
Manually trying different combinations can be a tedius process.
If I were you, I would be using seed recovery tool like btcrecover.

Are you familiar with the Levenshtein distance? The word(s) you misstyped are most probably the one(s) with shortest Levenshtein distance to the BIP32 spec words.


staff can easily be mistaken for stuff or vice versa, since both are BIP32 words.

  • Thanks. Wanted to use btcrecover but it doesn't seem to support Segwit BTC addresses (P2SH starting with 3).
    – migu
    Commented Jan 4, 2018 at 0:20

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