I am trying to write a calculator in PHP that will perform the same as the window that pops up when performing a buy or sell in Bittrex.

Using the figures I am working with:- BTC 0.00516314 Units 459.84215625 Price 0.00001120 Bittrex calculate the commission as 0.00001288 I calculate the commission as 0.00001294

My Forumula is 0.00516314 / (1 - 0.0025) - 0.00516314 Once I have this figure of commission I can then figure out the amount of units I will receive based upon the price.

Or do I have this totally backwards and I'm approaching it from the wrong direction. Thanks for your time


The commission is based on Price*Units. Your "BTC 0.00516314" does not equal your listed Price and Units.

0.0025 * 0.00001120 * 459.84215625 = 0.00001287558 which is consistent with the value you cite from Bittrex.

I think you have the right idea, maybe just a calculator snafu.

  • ok cool thanks for that will implement your formula – AussieGreg Jan 5 '18 at 6:59

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