I am asking because I have a bitcoin transaction that has been stuck for about a week. I put the one too many zeroes somewhere and the transaction only charges about 23 satoshis per byte. Also, if anyone knows some miners who could help me out, I would send them some extra bitcoin. The transaction is: 0b430ad7be7e1ce39eaaa5e8f92adb764820a8fbb8da89acd96b84f234ad0675


Some transaction accelerators work, while others are probably scam .

You can check out Bitcointalk.org->Economy->Marketplace->Sevices.
Some members there offer FREE acceleration services, and have access to a variety of pools.
However, be aware if you decide to go for the PAID services, don't fall for the scammy ones.


I think so since the miners control Bitcoin transaction so yes, they can pick specific transaction to mine. it's a good mining pool and they support this feature https://pool.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/


When a transaction is "Stuck" for more than a day, the easiest solution is just to rebroadcast it. You can use some free transaction accelerators like https://bitaccelerate.com/ . They are actually rebroadcasting your transaction via several nodes. BitAccelerate is currently rebroadcasting via 7 public nodes.

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