I have a script which queries the Bittrex API pretty frequently (it makes an order after the previous order has filled).

This question asks about the rate limits. Therein, it is mentioned that Bittrex is rather dodgy about the rate limits, and they could change over time.

I want to know what the error/warning response for spamming the API is so I can slow down my requests adaptively (and therefore, not need to edit my script if they change the rate limit in the future).

Does anyone know what the error/warning response for spamming the API is?

  • If you spam it enough you probably get a loic.
    – Willtech
    Apr 5, 2018 at 9:52
  • What does loic mean? Apr 6, 2018 at 13:11

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It isn't clear from Bittrex what error message is received when you encounter a limit. They just say that the request will fail. According the latest information from Bittrex Accounts can query the API up to 60-times a minute, once per second.

That said, there is a "success" flag returned for every request to the Bittrex API. I would imagine that this would be "false" and there would be some sort of message explaining the error. Maybe just look for false?

  • The query rate info is useful; it's good they added that. I'm not sure if the success flag idea would work in practice. I imagine querying an order that gets removed from the books would also return "false." Apr 6, 2018 at 13:16

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