I transferred some bitcoin from my coinbase account to another exchange to purchase some ethereum. At that time coinbase did not have ethereum. However, I do not remember the exchange that I used. I have the exchange password written down in a secure location so if I can track which exchange I sent it to I can recover the ETH. The transfer from coinbase is listed on the coinbase website. Is there a way for me to use the wallet ID which I sent the BTC to to find out which exchange is holding my ETH?

Thanks in advance for your assistance in helping me overcome my own disorganization.


Man, maybe the answer will shock you, but... your amount of crypto is probably lost. I say ''probably'' and not for sure. the options may be 2: 1. the transaction was too small, so miners didn't pick it 2. it's fault of the exchange I don't suggest you to use coinbase, I suggest you buy on spectrocoin -> https://spectrocoin.com/en/ And to trade from crypto to crypto using Binance -> https://www.binance.com/?ref=16821839 Anyway here's a guide to choose the best exchange -> https://medium.com/@bitfinexed/coinbase-insider-trading-litecoin-edition-be64ead3facc

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