In my Bitcoin Folder I found on my old computer,theres also files of aprox. 130 Mb .dat files. I have now, like I was told dumped the wallet.dat into my new installation of Bitcoin Core, and its running.

Will I need those blk000xx.dat files for any reason ? Are there any cions in them, or information of any value ?

  • you don't need the blk000xx.dat files, as it is "only" 130MBytes. The whole blockchain is in the +170 Gigabyte range. When re-downloading the blockchain, you would save maybe 10 minutes (out of several days). These files don't contain any "valuable" data, in terms of bitcoins - they are never in any files. They are "kept" in the blockchain, and with the keys in a file called "wallet.dat", one could move bitcoins from one address to another (hopefully to your own address). So if you have wallet.dat, then there maybe some value. Jan 5, 2018 at 20:35

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those block files are your copy of the blockchain. you could stop your new bitcoind daemon and move them into the $HOME/.bitcoin/blocks folder and restart bitcoind, and save yourself and the network the necessity to re-download them.

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