Once the transactions published to blockchain and are included in blocks by miners. In that case there seems a high probability that a single transaction published can be included in multiple blocks created by different miners? is it true


Yes, theoretically, 2 blocks could be mined at (almost) the same time. And then, it's also possible that one transaction could be included in those 2 blocks. But then, there are 2 blockchains, but only one of them (the longest one) will finally be accepted by the network. So your transaction could be in 2 blocks, but only one time in a blockchain.

  • I see.. one more follow up question, if same set of transactions in multiple blocks are being mined by 10 miners at a given time and two nodes published their solution to blockchain and as you mentioned only one solution will be attached to the chain based on which solution has more length ; but what about other 8 miners ? they still continue to mine it or just stop mining once the solution block is published ? – kakurala Jan 10 '18 at 14:02

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