I just finished setting up a full node using bitcore.io's guide here. I need my node to support SegWit though and I am not entirely sure whether what I have set up offers SegWit support. Especially after reading this article: What Bitcore Users Need to Know To Be Ready for Segwit Activation.

Is this the correct choice of a full node platform for me to have SegWit? What other options do I have?

Note: I have a wallet based on Copay who's builders also maintain bitcore.io so their full node software was my first/obvious choice


Bitcoin Core has supported segwit for a long time and will have decent segwit support in the GUI/RPC in version 0.16 which is going to be released hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Knots also supports segwit, as does btcd I believe. Others like bcoin probably do too but I'm not sure, someone else might know better

You can look at this page for some general ideas: https://bitcoincore.org/en/segwit_adoption/

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