i had an old ripple account that has stayed untouched for a long time, ripple advise that you need to migrate it to gatehub, this process does not work, i have tried to transfer it another wallet and it advised my pass phrase is incorrect, it can be only one of two passwords that i used for all online stuff at the time.

Is there away to re set the pass phrase i still have the walets secert key, i see some old links from 2013 -2015 on just setting up new account with the secert key, but none of the new walets offer the option to add tge key on registration.

Cany anyone help?

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If you have the secret, you can forget about the old wallet. Use the secret in any XRP wallet that accepts a secret. Gatehub does. The old Ripple desktop wallet does. Jatchili's minimal client does.

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