I forgot about my bitcoin account until recently. I have the software version listed above and my last real transaction was in 2012. I don't remember my password, but my 12 year old PC does. Do I need to transfer this to a wallet? I have done a test transfer with $100 or so but it hasn't kicked off. I noticed the S/W is "Catching up" and "Downloaded 173968 blocks of transaction history". And "Last received block was generated 2121 days ago". Any advice? Do I need to wait for it to "Catch up"? Thanks.

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Congratulations! Safely exit the software, create a safe backup copy (check that everything is copied correctly) and upgrade to the newest official version for your operating system. You will need >400GB of free storage in total for the full blockchain once it finishes catching up, including what you have already, or you can set the -prune= mode on.

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