The LND API documentation is here, but doesn't contain much information about what the responses to various calls mean. Can anyone explain what these responses are describing?


I understand this to be channel data, but not sure exactly what it's describing.

  • "time_lock_delta": 14,
  • "min_htlc": "0",
  • "fee_base_msat": "546000"
  • "fee_rate_milli_msat": "10"


  • "avg_out_degree": 2.841628959276018
  • "max_out_degree": 102

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After looking into the code and running some tests I think I've found the answers:

  • avg_out_degree is the average channels per node. In other words, total channels / total nodes = avg_out_degree. source
  • max_out_degree is the maximum channels (sum of incoming and outgoing) found on a node in the network. This can be found by iterating through every node and summing their incoming/outgoing channels to find the maximum. source
  • time_lock_delta: the required timelock delta for HTLCs forwarded over the channel. source
  • min_htlc: the minimum value in millisatoshi required for incoming HTLCs on the channel. source
  • fee_base_msat: the base fee charged regardless of the number of milli-satoshis sent. source
  • fee_rate_milli_msat: the effective fee rate in milli-satoshis. The precision of this value goes up to 6 decimal places, so 1e-6. source

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