I am trying to write a multiple currency hd wallet. I am using javascript libraries but I feel unsafe as I am new to most cryptography concepts and terms like elliptic curve, seeds, entropy etc.

I can not be a cryptography expert but I want to learn terms and concepts at least to know what it is doing when I am using third party libraries.

Can you recommend any books or online resources?

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Mastering Bitcoin is an amazing book that'll definitely get you started. It's freely available online here: http://chimera.labs.oreilly.com/books/1234000001802/index.html

  • Thanks Tony. I know the book. But except chapter 4, it is more about blockchain and bitcoin rather than cryptography.
    – Cem Karay
    Jan 27, 2018 at 11:37
  • ah ok. I don't really have any good cryptography book recommendations but I am also interested in the answer to this question. I just figured Chapter 5 would help with the HD wallet part of your project :)
    – Tony Rizko
    Jan 27, 2018 at 11:54

Title: Blockchain Enabled Applications

Subtitle: Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem and How to Make it Work for You

Authors: Dhillon, Vikram, Metcalf, David, Hooper, Max

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