I am looking to put $CAD 20,000 into a startup mining project at home to learn about the business, assess longer-term viability and of course to have fun. I was wondering what you would recommend to start with in terms of specific hardware as well as which coins to mine at launch. (All hardware costs assume Manufacturer list pricing)

Right now I'm thinking about the following:

  • 3 Antminer S9s mining Bitcoin: $10,000

  • 1 Antminer A3 mining Sia: $1,700

  • 1 Antminer L3+ mining Litecoin: $2,300

  • 1 GPU rig mining Altcoins $4,300

  • Cost for electrician and incidentals: $1,700

Total: $20,000

I'd live to hear how YOU would invest the $20,000?


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