To run a lightning node I followed the instructions here: https://medium.com/@dougvk/run-your-own-mainnet-lightning-node-2d2eab628a8b except that I downloaded and installed bitcoind and lightningd from source and not in a docker. I can fund my on-chain wallet, connect to peers but when I try to open a channel the daemon crashes, with the following message in crash.log:

+61107.734361005 lightningd(30005):BROKEN: wallet_channel_save: UPDATE channels SET  fundingkey_remote=?,  revocation_basepoint_remote=?,  payment_basepoint_remote=?,  htlc_basepoint_remote=?,  delayed_payment_basepoint_remote=?,  per_commit_remote=?,  old_per_commit_remote=?,  local_feerate_per_kw=?,  remote_feerate_per_kw=?,  channel_config_remote=? WHERE id=?: no such column: local_feerate_per_kw
+61108.166336903 lightningd(30005):BROKEN: FATAL SIGNAL 6 RECEIVED

What does local feerate per kw mean? To set the tx fee of bitcoind I followed the instruction from the blog post: bitcoin-cli settxfee 0.0004


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It appears that the database schema update was not successful. Meaning the database is not in a known good state. I'd suggest closing any open channels, withdrawing all funds from this node into an external wallet, moving the database (or the entire .lightning directory) and then restarting the client to create a fresh database.

This version is also really old, so the issue has most likely been addressed in the meantime.

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