I'm building a block explorer using blockchain.info and their API https://github.com/blockchain/api-v1-client-php/blob/master/docs/blockexplorer.md

but what I don't understand is, what is the best way to recognize if the user is searching for an address or a block hash, or what ever. how do the other block explorers do that? They allow to search for all of those in the same search box.

Thanks for any help !

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Block explorers I've seen typically accept the following inputs:

  • Bitcoin address: 25-34 alphanumeric characters.

  • Block height: decimal number, up to let's say 10 digits

  • Block hash: 64 hex digits (0-9, a-f), representing a 256-bit number

  • Transaction ID: 64 hex digits

So it's easy to recognize a Bitcoin address or block height with a simple regex.

They can't tell apart a block hash from a transaction ID, because in principle any given 256-bit number could be the hash of either (or neither). So when a string of 64 hex digits is input, they simply search for it as block hash and as a transaction ID, and if one of them is found, they return the appropriate information. It's overwhelmingly improbable that the same string could be the hash of a valid block and of a valid transaction, so there isn't really any need to handle the possibility that both are found.

They could do some minor optimizations: for instance, if the string starts with a bunch of zeros, it's more likely to be a block hash, so maybe they search that table first.

  • Í would like to, if I may, to add to first bullet point: when on production, addresses begin with „1“ or „3“ ... Feb 5, 2018 at 19:23

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