I am trying to understand what values I am being asked for in the settings.json to install the block explorer for Iquidus. I know how to get the genesis block as I have hard coded it when I did a fork to create a new altcoin, however, I am unsure how to get the genesis_tx. I know you can convert it from the genesis block but I am unsure how?

"genesis": { "genesis_tx": " ", "genesis_block": " "}

In terms of the API settings, they are asking for an address, blockindex, blockhash, and txhash. The blockindex can be any value within your block height... so do I pick just any one value for the index with the corresponding address in the transaction list? Also, how do I get the txhash and the blockhash? These values to my understanding are subject to change and I know they are stored in the blockchain... does anyone know how I can retrieve this information?

"api": { "blockindex": " ", "blockhash": " ", "txhash": " ", "address": " " },

I appreciate your time and consideration.

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Figure out your blockhash with index=0 (normally in your coind debug window,s you can: do a

getblockhash 0 (0 = genesis block number)

With the return value from that, you do a getblock xxxx


getblockhash 0

getblock 5597f25c062a3038c7fd815fe46c67dedfcb3c839fbc8e01ed4044540d08fe48

"hash" : "5597f25c062a3038c7fd815fe46c67dedfcb3c839fbc8e01ed4044540d08fe48",
"confirmations" : 4142183,
"size" : 240,
"height" : 0,
"version" : 1,
"merkleroot" : "2bad42ac6e0ccc4808d8df0fd50ac8634eea335b1412b1ef52864b430a87b262",
"tx" : [
"time" : 1394102925,
"nonce" : 2482334,
"bits" : "1e0ffff0",
"difficulty" : 0.00024414,
"nextblockhash" : "df34593a55b7ed0ff076766805023c8262fe26c84ba8624b77abae446c402dea"

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