I have installed ripple server using the instructions from the below link


Now its working in server. I can communicate with the server through command line. But what i need is communicate the server via programically. i tried to communicate the wallet using different plugins, but unfortunately everything fails. Can anyone please suggest me a plugin and also give me a solution to overcome the connection problem? I have one more doubt how can i know in which port the ripple wallet is running? how can i set the port for the wallet?

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You can use the Ripple RPC server. RPC runs on HTTP(S) protocol, so it's quite easy to call RPC methods and get a response.

  • Can you provide a link in using Ripple RPC server.
    – Albert
    Commented Feb 23, 2018 at 11:33

There are many types of creating Ripple Server, choose according to your need


Create your Ripple server using Linux


Basic Communication using RPC


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