I am opening up the blockchain index databases with leveldb, and I am seeing a repeating number, 889271, at the start of every value entry...

I am attempting to decipher the following key value pair

'b'e2bf047e7e5a191aa4ef34d314979dc9986e0f19251edaba5940fd1fe365a712 = 889271000b010008010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000d9ced4ed1130f7b7faad9be25323ffafa33232a17c3edf6cfd97bee6bafbdd97b9aa8e4ef0ff0f1ecd513f7c



I believe i have everything deciphered properly, except for 889271

Any chance someone can confirm what 889271 represents?

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You are thinking of 889271 as a decimal number; it is not. It is a hexadecimal value that just happens to be composed of numeric digits.

That is the Variable Sized Integer serialization of the version number of the Bitcoin Core client that created that database entry.

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