I have created on my own coin using litecoin fork and it is working fine in my computer and it is generated 2 files. one in mindcoin-qt and second is mindcoind. But When i tried to run this 2 files in another system then it is getting below error "bash: ./mindcoin-qt: No such file or directory"

I know if I will share whole folder with another computer then it will work fine but I just want to share only qt file and it should be work on all linux system then Can you suggest me what Should I do? I have uploaded my code on github let me share link and pls advice me how to create single qt file and run everywhere without any dependancy?

Github URL:https://github.com/malvikiran/mindcoin

Please help me about this issue? It is very important for me.

  • @all Can you please help me with this question? this is very urgent. – kiran malvi Feb 20 '18 at 4:49

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