The Venezuela is about to launch the pre-sale (at 12:30pm GMT) of its Petro cryptocurrency.

For that, they release a buyer manual in Spanish. Do you know where I could find the document translated in English? What is the procedure for participating in the pre-sale?


do not make an effort to look for it, it has not started the sale yet and the website is down (http://www.elpetro.gob.ve)


The presale is available for venezuelan citizens for the moment only paíd in euros, dollars , btc and eth


I received the first email from the Venezuelan government. I also translated the Spanish guide fully (pretty simple steps). In the email I was led to a link that asked me the minimum and maximum I would purchase. I am currently waiting for the second email to download the wallet. If anyone has surpassed this point and actually gotten the wallet let me know.

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