I followed the great answer here how to install bitcoin legacy and bitcoin cash on the same ubuntu server?

and installed bitcoinCash client to my ubuntu server.

Now I have both binaries available but they both work on same configs and same blockchains as I see.

enter image description here

There supposed be a way how to tell bitcoinCash client to download its own chain and use its own keys, but I cant figure out where those setup files for bitcoinCash are located and how to change them.

Could anyone help pls?

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You can create a new username for Bitcoin cash or change default directory.

adduser BitcoinCashUser 

su BitcoinCashUser

BitcoinCashd -daemon

Now make sure it has own directory

cd ~/.bitcoin

You should find the files in here.

Change Bitcoin Directory

Follow these instructions on here

Note: kill bitcoin-cash before start it again.

ps ax | grep bitcoinCashd
kill -9 <Process ID>

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