Looking in transaction https://blockchain.info/it/tx/ecd1a64432367a1962eadd90ec12cfb6c5f6920075b10a62dbda7488c5688e44 i see strange output address like this: bc1q8r0m7ymhf2smspeqgzwj79e89kvmgwqasg5glskugrrzc7qv57tq2e6sjf

what kind are?

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    Just one of the new native segwit addresses starting with „bc1“ Feb 25 '18 at 10:43

As @pebwindkraft comment, it's the new bitcoin segwit address (bech32), it's supported on bitcoin-core v0.16.

Bech32 is a segwit address format specified by BIP 0173. While this address format has been included in some implementations, as of December 2017.

If you would know more about it watch this


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